EXHIBITIONS / La guerra infinita. Antoni Campañà

18 March, 2021 - 18 July, 2021
Museo Nacional d Art de Catalunya, Barcelona
Toni Monne, Arnau Gonzalez Vilalta, Placid Garcia-Planas y Roser Cambray

The Endless War will reveal the different facets of the work of the photographer Antoni Campañà (Arbúcies, 1906 – Sant Cugat del Vallès, 1989), focusing on the photographs that he took during the Spanish Civil War, which his family found by chance in 2018. This series of images, of great artistic quality and historical importance, was hidden away in a box by the artist, where it remained for more than 70 years, from the end of the Civil War to 2018. This box, containing hundreds of previously unseen images, is now known as the “red box” and it is a very important new contribution to Catalonia’s photographic heritage, with regard to the Civil War especially, resituating Campaña as one of the great names in 20th-century Catalan and Spanish photography.

Museu Nacional d´Art de Catalunya


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