The Archivo Lafuente, with its varios fonds and collections, can be seen as a microcosm made of multiple constellations. The diversity of each constellation, together with the connections that can be established among them, advance a complex and dynamic understanding of 20th-century art, that escapes the classical chronological and geographical classifications. Nevertheless, due to the usefulness of these classifications, we have arranged our holdings into two major chronological periods and, within them, five sections with an indicative geographical framework. The two periods span, respectively, from the beginning of the 20th century to the Second World War, and from the second post-war period to the end of the 20th century. Within this chronological division, the corpus of the archive is organized into de following five sections: International Art 1900-1945 (almost 6 000 items); International Art 1946-1980 (ca. 25 000 items); Latin America 1920-2000 (more than 20 000 items); Spain 1920-2000 (more than 40 000 items); and Cantabria 1920-2000 (more than 15 000 items).




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