05 February, 2017 - 30 April, 2017
Casa Luis Barragán, Ciudad de México
Frida Escobedo, Javier Maderuelo

"Dada Zurich" aims to show the most significant printed testimonies of Dadaism through a collection of 30 documents created in Zurich, including magazines, posters, books, print portfolios, leaflets, plans and stationary.

The exhibition includes the magazine Cabaret Voltaire (1917), published by Hugo Ball; the portfolio 8 gravures sur bois par M. Janco et un poème par Tr. Tzara (1917); the first edition of Collection Dada; the complete set of DADA magazine (1918–1920), edited by Tristan Tzara (the last two issues published in Paris); a selection of the book series ‘Collection Dada’ with texts by Tristan Tzara, Richard Huelsenbeck, Francis Picabia and Benjamin Péret, and covers by Marcel Janco and Hans Arp. This collection, begun by Tzara in Zurich, continued in Paris when the editor moved to France. The exhibition is complemented by posters, programmes and leaflets that attest to Dadaistic poetic activity and exhibitions in Zurich, as well as a couple of publications that Hans Arp edited in Zurich and Hannover.

Casa Luis Barragán


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