NEWS / Agreement to stablish an associated centre Museo Reina Sofía-Archivo Lafuente

25 July, 2018

On the 25th of July 2018, in the Town Hall of Santander, was signed an agreement to stablish an associated centre Museo Reina Sofía-Archivo Lafuente in the former headquarters of Banco de España in Santander.

The agreement was signed by the Minister of Culture of the Spanish government, Jose Guirao; the Mayor of Santander, Gema Igual, and the Director of Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía (MNCARS), Manuel Borja-Villel. The new associated centre will show MNCARS fonds throughout at least a temporary exhibition and a permanent one. It will allow researchers to access to the documentary fonds of Archivo Lafuente, generating agreements and collaborations with other centres around the world.

Regarding the new associated centre, Manuel Borja-Villel has declared: «Museo Reina Sofía goes to meet a very important archive that is settled in Santander. We should not consider Archivo Lafuente as a mere documentary deposit. First of all, because the archive has documents, but also works of art. We must not forget that, in modern and contemporary art, ephemeral formats are more important than the traditional ones: from Futurism and Dadaism to Conceptual Art, it has been that way. And, in second place, because the archive has only sense when is activated throughout exhibitions, seminars, workshops and publications. To reach that, the union of both institutions that includes Reina’s fonds is essential».

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