EXHIBITIONS / Itinerary. Miguel Logroño: A Life for Art

30 June, 2003 - 20 July, 2003
Museo Extremeño e Iberoamericano de Arte Contemporáneo, Badajoz
Javier Herrera

In this project, the Museo Extremeño e Iberoamericano de Arte Contemporáneo de Badajoz (MEIAC) presented a selection of works from the personal collection of the art critic Miguel Logroño, acquired by the Lafuente Archive some months prior to the exhibition’s opening. Of particular interest among the items on display were pieces by Rafael Canogar, Eduardo Chillida and the Extremadura-born artist Juan Barjola. The variety of genres, a distinctive feature of the collection, was one of the characteristics of the exhibited material, which brought together paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, photographs, objects and all manner of publications.



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