EXHIBITIONS / FAKE. It’s no True, it’s not Lies

20 October, 2016 - 29 January, 2017
IVAM, Institut Valencià d’Art Modern, Valencia
Jorge Luis Marzo

The exhibition "FAKE. It’s not True, it’s not Lies" reviews some of the camouflages, infiltrations and sabotages undertaken by artists around the world. Artists who invent other artists and ridicule the discourses of cultural excellence; documentaries pretending to show objective realities whilst mocking the press; performers who feign roles to blow away the certainty of what we see or hear; digital artists infiltrated in war games to short-circuit users’ expectations; fake exhibitions presented in iconic museums of academic truth that end up exposing the fiction and fragility of their power; not forgetting, of course, that fake is also a format inherent in the power discourse itself, which is why "FAKE. It’s no True, it’s not Lies" will be displaying some of the most notorious and terrible institutionally-promoted fakes.

IVAM, Institut Valencià d’Art Modern


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