Exposiciones / Marianne Gast (1910–1958) in the Lafuente Archive

17 May, 2018 - 04 July, 2018
CDIS, Centro de Documentación de la Imagen de Santander, Santander
Manuela Alonso Laza

The Lafuente Archive and CDIS (Centro de la Documentación de la Imagen de Santander) of the City Council of Santander pay tribute to the German photographer Marianne Gast upon the 70th anniversary of her death. All the images shown in this exhibition, curated by Manuela Alonso Laza, belong to the Lafuente Archive, chiefly to the documentary collection of Gast’s first husband, Mathias Goeritz (1915–1990). Comprising 42 photographs, signed by either Marianne Gast or Marianne Goeritz, their subject matter centres on the projects of Mathias Goeritz, El Eco (1952–1953) and Las Torres de Ciudad Satélite (1957), in addition to images related to the private life of the couple.

Although she always lived in Goeritz’s shadow, Gast turned her hand to various lines of work (translator, gallery owner and language teacher, among others), but she had a special predilection for photography, to which she dedicated the most time. Gast worked in landscape, portrait and ethnographic photography, but she specialised in architecture and works of art, as well as seemingly to have worked in fashion and press photography (although there is no knowledge of any photographs in these fields as of yet). Volume and lines are an integral part of her images, in which her subjects are details: a fragment of a wall, part of some train tracks. Even in her early works her gaze is redirected from an overall perspective to something more specific, with great attention to detail. This is seen, for instance, in the photographs taken in 1948 during the couple’s stay in the Cantabrian town of Santillana del Mar, during which Goeritz came up with the idea for what would later become the Escuela de Altamira, and Gast took the pictures that illustrated El libro de Santillana (1955), by Lafuente Ferrari.

Ediciones La Bahía has published the catalogue of this exhibition, a volume with texts by the show’s curator, Manuela Alonso Laza (CDIS), and Ana García Herrá (Lafuente Archive).

El CDIS y el Archivo Lafuente rinden homenaje a la fotógrafa Marianne Gast con una exposición
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