Estructura / Spain 1920-2000 / Underground and Counterculture

This collection is composed of roughly 1,000 items, including books, cards, leaflets, catalogues, invitations, bulletins, posters and other printed material (such as concert tickets), in addition to photographs, original comic mock-ups (e.g. the magazine Rock Comix), original work (photographs by Jordi García, Esteve Riera, Montse Campins and Ouka Leele, among others, and drawings and paintings, such as that by Martínez Díaz which was used as the cover art for issue no. 28 of Star magazine) and a number of comics and magazines, including complete collections of titles such as Bang! Información y estudios sobre la historieta (1970–1976), El Rrollo Enmascarado (1973), Diploma d’honor (1974), Star (1974–1980), Purita (1975), Butifarra (1975–1978), Rock Comix (1976–1977), Nasti de plasti (1976), Diwan (1978–1982), El Víbora (1979–1989), Dezine (1980), Bésame mucho (1980–1982), Cairo (1981), and Sur Exprés (1987–1988), among others, as well as work by the likes of El Hortelano, Ceesepe, Roger Subirachs, Jaume Fargas, Nazario, Manuel Rubiales, Onliyú, Antonio Pamies, Javier Montesol, Javier Mariscal, Isa Barraquer and Francesc Capdevila, among many others.





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