Estructura / Latinoámerica 1920-2000 / Navilouca

From 1971, in the wake of Brazilian concretism magazines such as Noigandres and Invención, the poets Torquato Neto and Salomón Wally set in motion the idea of editing a magazine that would bring together experimental poetic output from the time in Brazil, work influenced by counterculture movements and known as Tropicalismo. However, it wasn’t until 1974 when the only issue of Navilouca was published—a magazine that Torquato Neto didn’t live to see, as he committed suicide in 1972. The magazine had the support of the Brazilian concretism trio formed of Décio Pignatari and the brothers Augusto and Haroldo de Campos. The idea was also supported by the likes of Caetano Veloso and André Midani, for example.

Oscar Ramos and Luciano Figueiredo oversaw the graphic design of the large-format publication (27 x 36 cm) and the only issue offers an anthology that traces a whole new era of Brazilian experimental poetry.

The Navilocua magazine collection of Archivo Lafuente comprises almost 100 documents and includes, in addition to a copy of the publication itself, printed matter, audiovisual material, correspondence and original materials that are reproduced in the magazine (photographs, visual poems, etc.) by artists such as Ivan Cardoso, Haroldo and Augusto de Campos, Julio Plaza and Hélio Oiticica.





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