Estructura / Latin America 1920-2000 / Iván Cardoso - Hélio Oiticica

Ivan Cardoso (Rio de Janeiro, 1952), a multidisciplinary Brazilian creator, played an active role in avant-garde artistic movements in his native country. In addition to his individual career, he also collaborated with other artists such as Hélio Oiticica, whose first works he photographed, as well as capturing his activity in the late sixties (Archivo Lafuente holds photographs of Eu com o Três Oitão and HO Parangolés).

Due to his close relationship with concrete poets from the group Noigandres, this collection also includes publications edited by Augusto de Campos, Haroldo de Campos and Decio Pignatari. Together with them he created the magazine Navilouca, of which Archivo Lafuente holds a myriad of original material used for its production.

The collection also includes originals, photographs, correspondence, designs and other material that are separated, first and foremost, into two sections: ‘Concrete poetry’ and ‘Poems/process’.

In the former, of particular note is the presence of Eugen Gomringer (with Konstellationen Constellations Constelaciones, 1953); Augusto de Campos, both alone (Poetamenos, 1973) and with Julio Plaza (Objetos, 1969; Poemobiles, 1974; Reduchamp, 1976), and creators such as Ferreira Gullar, Fortes de Almeida, José Lino Grunewald, Spanudis and Pedro Xisto.

In the latter, noteworthy materials include artist books by Wlademir Dias Pino, Álvaro and Neide de Sá.

Other notable items include complete collections of the magazines Invenção, Através, Qorpo estranho and Ponto, and copies of Etapa and Projeto.




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