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Jesús Ordovás (Ferrol, 1947) is one of the most important music journalists in a country that is not very fond of music. Without his drive and enthusiasm, the emergence of the Nueva Ola [New Wave], which is how the musical expression of the Movida Madrileña (and its later extension in Vigo) came to be known, would surely not have been possible. Ordovás was always there: in the tribute to Canito, commonly regarded as the big bang of the movement, in the legendary Rock-Ola concerts, but also in the anonymous «bolos» [shows] over more than four decades of service as an announcer on Radio 3, and before that, on Onda Dos and as a scout for new bands at Disco Exprés. In the years of the Movida he mixed with Radio Futura, Alaska, whom he met in 1977 in the Rastro, Almodóvar, Burning and others. And when the tsunami of the eighties had subsided, he carried on in his infectiously enthusiastic manner, without ceasing to listen to (and discover) music as a lifestyle in itself.


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