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The artist Carlos Sánchez Pérez (Madrid, 1958–2018), better known as Ceesepe, was one of the key creators of the Spanish counterculture in the seventies, a period during which he worked in Barcelona in the underground comic world together with various artists such as Nazario, Max and Javier Mariscal, publishing his stories in such magazines as Star and Bésame mucho.

In Madrid, together with the photographer Alberto García-Alix, and later El Hortelano and Ouka Leele, he was involved in Cascorro Factory, through which he published his most important works from the time, the fanzines Vicios modernos and Bestias de lujo.

Once he had abandoned the world of counterculture publications and comics, Ceesepe devoted himself chiefly to painting, holding exhibitions in Madrid, New York, Amsterdam, Paris and Geneva. He also made posters, such as those for the films Pepi, Luci, Bom and The Law of Desire, both by Pedro Almodóvar. Some of his work is brought together in books such as Dibujos (1982), Barcelona By Night (1982), París-Madrid (1985), El difícil arte de mentir (1986), Libro blanco (1990) and Ars morundi (1990).

Archivo Lafuente holds an important collection documenting the work of Ceesepe as an illustrator and strip cartoonist, especially in the seventies and eighties. The collection is varied, including publications in which the artist’s work appears (Purita, Carajillo, El Víbora, Star, Ozono, Nasti de plasti, etc.), artist books, handwritten scripts, cards, posters, audiovisual material, photographs (including 19 images by García Alix), graphic work and original work (including original drawings of comics such as El día que muera bombita, Estrellita va a Nueva York, and those from the series Slober).

Part of this material belonging to the archive was shown in the exhibition «Vicios Modernos. Ceesepe 1973-1983», held in Madrid and organised by La Casa Encendida and Archivo Lafuente (May–September, 2019), and brought together in the exhibition catalogue Ceesepe. Vicios modernos. Cómics 1973-1983 (published by Fulgencio Pimentel, 2019).


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