COLLECTION / 1945-1989 / Latin America / Guillermo Deisler

150 publications and documents.

Guillermo Deisler (Santiago, 1940–Halle, Germany, 1995), a Chilean artist descending from a Prussian family, studied at the Escuela de Artes y Oficios al the Universidad Técnica del Estado and at the Universidad de Chile. His education included metallurgy, theatre design, sculpture, ceramics and printing. In 1963 he founded Ediciones Mimbre in Santiago, a publishing house that published over 50 titles by emerging authors such as Miguel Littín, Omar Lara and Rolando Cárdenas, all illustrated with original prints.

Between 1967 and 1973 he was a professor at the main campus of the Universidad de Chile in Antofogasta, a period in which he designed the magazine Tebaida. In 1969 he published his first visual poetry book GRRR, followed, in 1972, by Poemas visivos y proposiciones a realizar and Poesía visiva en el mundo, the first visual poetry anthology in Latin America.

After the military coup that toppled Allende in 1973, Deisler took up exile in France, where he published Le cerveau (1975). He then moved to the German Democratic Republic, from where he was sent, together with his family, to Bulgaria, where he lived until 1986 and where, in 1977, he also published the book Packaging Poetry. In 1986 he moved permanently to Halle in the GDR, working as a set designer in the city’s theatre.

During this time his work fell into different genres: visual poetry, mail art, scenography, etc. In 1987 he embarked on an international collaborative mail-art project, the portfolio UNI/vers (;), which ran for 35 issues. In 1990 he produced wortBILD, a visual-poetry anthology made in the GDR.

Archivo Lafuente brings together around 150 documents as part of the Guillermo Deisler collection including graphic portfolios, artist books, correspondence (Edgardo Antonio Vigo, Dias Pino, Clemente Padín, etc.), magazines (the complete collection of Uni/vers (;), for example), posters and original work, among others.



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