COLLECTION / 1945-1989 / Latin America / Felipe Ehrenberg

50 works of art, publications and documents.

The work of Felipe Ehrenberg (Tlacopac, Mexico City, 1943–Ahuatepec, Morelos, 2017) spans drawing and painting, conceptual art, performance, mail art and printed art. He was one of the pioneers of mimeograph, a technique that he developed at the publisher Beau Geste Press (Devon, England), from where he presented, through over 150 publications, the work of important visual poets, conceptual artists, Neo-Dadaists and experimental artists, including the first books by Ulises Carrión.

Exiled in England after the Tlatelolco massacre in 1968, he took an interest in new creative procedures and became a pioneer in the publishing of artist books, performances and collective and collaborative work, which he developed through experimentation with different forms of printing and disseminating work and ideas. At Beau Geste Press he was the co-organiser—together with Michael Weaber, Marta Hellion and David Mayor—of the show Fluxshoe (1972–1973), through which he introduced England to the anti-artistic criticism of the group Fluxus, and editor of the magazine Schmuck!, a collective and collaborative publication through which he presented the work of Latin American artists and writers in Europe. Ehrenberg considered himself an artist, reporter, professor, politician, diplomat, editor, actor, organiser and tireless traveller. Upon his return to Mexico in 1975, he received a Guggenheim Fellowship for research into the duality of Latin American culture. Once back in his native country he also founded Grupo Proceso Pentágono.

Archivo Lafuente holds around 50 documents in its Felipe Ehrenberg collection, including correspondence (with Robin Crozier), posters, typewritten texts, magazines (the Schmuck series), artist books (Rejected Accepted, Flechas [1972], Ehrenberg [1973], Pussywillow. A Journal of Conditions [1973], Borges en México. Otoño de 1978 [1978]), original works (The tube-o-nauts [1970] and Fillaspace is a Game of Simultaneity [1972]), and works by various artists such as Michael Gibbs, Claudio Bertoni, Raúl Marroquín, David F. Mayer and Jean Sellem.



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