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OU was a magazine dedicated to European and American poetic experimentation, particularly its audio and technological aspects. Its editor was Henri Chopin (Paris, 1922- Norfolk, 2008), poet, prose writer, essayist, painter, graphic artist, typographer, composer and, in short, a prolific and multifaceted artist, who was also devoted to independent publishing and promoting the work of his colleagues.

Chopin’s adventure in publishing began with Cinquième Saison, revue de la poésie évolutive, of which he was editor from its third issue, published in 1958. In 1964, the magazine was renamed OU/ Cinquième Saison and integrated a sound poetry disc as a defining element. OU featured the work of a wide range of artists, including Brion Gysin, William Burroughs, John Giorno, Jean Dupuy, Gianni Bertini, Paul de Vree, Bernard Heidsieck, Jirí Kolár, Ben Vautier, E. M. de Melo e Castro and Cozette de Charmoy, not to mention the work of Chopin himself and Dadaists such as Raoul Hausmann.

Archivo Lafuente preserves a deluxe edition with original graphic work of the nineteen issues and two supplements of Cinquième Saison (1958-1963) and the fourteen issues of OU/Cinquième Saison (no. 20/21 to no. 42/43/44, 1964-1974). In addition to these, the Archive is in possession of A Editions and sets of materials generated in the production of several of the issues of OU/Cinquième Saison, including original works by the artists, correspondence between Chopin and those artists, printing proofs with handwritten corrections, designs and mockups.

The collection also includes several original artist’s books by Chopin (such as Le cimitière 1967, Brussels, 1972 and The Cosmographic Lobster, London, 1975) and by other authors such as Bernard Heidsieck and Jean Degottex (D2 x D3Z. Poèmes partitions 1958-1961, 1973), as well as original graphic works by various artists for portfolios designed by Chopin (Portfolios 2, 3 and 4, Ruby Editions/Publishing, London, 1975).


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