COLLECTION / 1945-1989 / Cantabria / Eduardo Sanz

Eduardo Sanz (Santander, 1928-Madrid, 2014). He studied painting with Esteban Cossío and José Cataluña in Santander, and in 1953 he entered the San Fernando School of Fine Arts in Madrid. In 1954, at the Sur Gallery, he had his first group exhibition, and in 1956, his first individual one at the Sala Delta, both in his hometown. During the period 1958-1962 he studied engraving techniques and experimented with informalist abstraction, expressionist figuration and post-Cubism, exhibiting at the Ateneo in Madrid and participating in the 33rd Venice Biennial. He traveled to several European countries and internationalized his work with solo and group exhibitions in Paris, Italy, Brazil, the USA, Japan and Germany.

Between 1963 and approximately 1975, the artist worked with mirrors (one of the best known periods of his catalog), the overlapping of planes, three-dimensionality, multiples and, from the beginning of the 1970s onwards, with carpets, cigar bands and sculptures as well. In 1973, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Madrid dedicated an anthology to him. In 1976, at the Kreisler 2 Gallery in Madrid he exhibited works made with maritime signs and signals (series «Cartas de mar, cartas de amar»), and from 1978 to 1980 he devoted himself to building scale ships and to small-format painting. In 1979, he began another phase in his career, painting and cataloguing all the lighthouses along the Spanish coast, thus creating series such as «Faros» and «Hora solar». In 1981, the Museum of Fine Arts of Santander dedicated an anthological exhibition to him, as did the Botín Foundation in 1984.

In recent years his work has included participation in ARCO, his relationship with the Sen Gallery in Madrid, the illustration and design of book covers, his work as a poster artist, his continued presence in solo and group exhibitions, and the creation of the Faro de Cabo Mayor Art Center in Santander, a museum that today houses the artist’s paintings.

Eduardo Sanz’s work is present in museums and collections such as the Albertina Museum in Vienna, the Reina Sofia Museum, the Museum of Abstract Art in Cuenca, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Ostend, the MACBA in Barcelona, and the collection of the Chase Manhattan Bank in New York.

Archivo Lafuente’s Eduardo Sanz collection consists chiefly of original works (paintings and collages) dating between 1956 and 2010, graphic works, sculpture and documentary materials including a handwritten text by the artist and correspondence with the gallery owner and writer Manuel Arce.



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