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Geographic Area: Europe, United States of America

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On his arrival in New York in the 1950s after traveling Europe, Sol LeWitt (Connecticut, 1928 – New York, 2007) quickly made contact with the city’s artistic community. An initial interest in photography was complemented by his first work experiences as a graphic designer and, for some time, night receptionist and clerk at the MoMA. His first artistic creations, from the early 1960s, were in the sphere of drawing and sculpture, but over time would expand to encompass monumental formats and public spaces. Towards the end of the 1960s, LeWitt began painting murals and huge wall drawings; murals and photography were objects of interest to him throughout his life. From the outset of his career, the printed page was an important area of work for LeWitt: his publications immediately became the medium and alternative means of distribution to his work in the other genres, offering him new possibilities of materialization and presentation for concerns and interests analogous to them.

The documentation set dedicated to this artist in the Lafuente Archive brings together almost all his books, in addition to a huge selection of invitations and two dozen posters presenting his solo exhibitions in the 1960s and 70s. With their diverse formats, scales and sizes, these printed documents highlight the artist’s conceptual intervention in a series of countless variations of constructive schemata, sketches of projects and photographic classifications. So viewed as a whole, these pieces constitute a significant testimony to Sol LeWitt’s creative production.