Martín Fierro Collection


Geographic Area: Argentina

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Related Topics: Surrealism

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The fortnightly magazine Martín Fierro, published in Buenos Aires from 1924 to 1927, took over the reins from two previous publications, Prisma and Proa, whose activity had crystalized in the Florida Literary Group led by Evar Méndez and Oliverio Girondo. This group had become the platform for young Argentinian writers and thinkers and, over time, evolved into a space of participation for international authors and critics. The “Martín Fierro” manifesto was drafted by Oliverio Girondo and published in 1924 in two formats, a small-scale poster and the magazine itself. It offered an insight into the ideas that predominated in the artistic and literary avant-garde in 1920s Argentina.

This collection brings together over two thousand documents which, in addition to a complete collection of the magazine Martín Fierro and abundant correspondence from its editorial staff, also includes manifestos, cards and photographs, as well as the complete collections of literary journals of the Buenos Aires of the day. As a whole, they are a testament to the division that existed between the Florida Group, whose members were followers of the Ultraist movement, and the Boedo Group, more left-leaning and aesthetic in their thinking and closer to social realism. The publications include the first and second series of Proa (1922-1923 and 1924-1925), Extrema izquierda (1924), La Campana de palo (1925-1926), Argentina (1931) and Contra (1933), among others. Also worthy of mention is the set relating to the group known as La Brasa, as well as the various collections devoted to literary figures linked to these groups, in particular those dedicated to Jorge Luis Borges, Oliverio Girondo, Adolfo Bioy Casares, Jacobo Fijman, Ricardo Molinari and Antonio Porchia.