Madí-Perceptism Collection


Geographic Area: Argentina, Uruguay

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The early 1940s saw initiation of a new proposal from the artistic circle of Buenos Aires, marked by publication of the first and only edition of the magazine Arturo (Buenos Aires, 1944) and centered around Carmelo Arden Quin, Rhod Rothfuss, Gyula Kosice and Edgar Bayley. A year later these artists, along with Raúl Lozza, Tomás Maldonado, Lidy Prati and others would form the Asociación Arte Concreto-Invención, which sought to open up a path towards art which was non-figurative, while not strictly concrete or abstract in the traditional sense. Thus, the “Arte Madí” concept was born, aiming at invention and creation in an absolute, integral and multidisciplinary sense in which art, literature, theater, music, architecture and design went hand-in-hand. It encompassed all dimensions of matter, space and time, while at the same time possessing a kind of liberating spirit, as Gyula Kosice observed in the group’s founding manifesto, published in 1946.

This collection is based on part of Raúl Lozza’s personal archive which, together with a group of his manuscripts and original drawings, includes the complete series of the Buenos Aires magazines Invención (1945), Arte Concreto Invención (1946), Arte Madí Universal (1947-1954), Contemporánea (1948), Perceptismo (1950-1953) and Arte Nuevo (1956-1958), as well as Nueva Visión (1951-1957) and the quarterly A (1956-1958). The latter two publications were directed by Tomás Maldonado who also contributed to a series of books which contained pieces by Arden Quin, Rhod Rothfuss and Gyula Kosice, in addition to various photographs of the time, original work and catalogues by these authors.