Julio Maruri Collection


Producer: Julio Maruri

Geographic Area: Spain, France

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Julio Maruri (Santander, July 16, 1920) is a Spanish poet and painter. In 1951 he entered the Order of the Brothers of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, or Carmelites, adopting the name Fray Casto del Niño Jesús. After restoring a monastery in Belgium, in 1963 he took up residence first in Brussels and then, finally, in Paris, abandoning religious life in 1974. His first book of poems was entitled Las aves y los niños (1945), and in 1947 he won second prize in the Adonais Prize for Poetry with Los años. He wrote the Como animal muy limpio (1963) book of poems and in 1970 published Entre Laredo y Holanda. In 1958 he was awarded the Spanish National Literature Prize.

Despite being recognized above all as a poet, Maruri has also been intensely active but far less well known as a visual artist. His first pictorial exhibition was held in 1948 at the Sala del Alerta, and consisted in 21 drawing in Indian ink; he would subsequently continue drawing and painting, in addition to creating collages. Maruri focused mostly on paining as from the 1960s; the poems he has written since then have been the subject of harsh reviews.

The Lafuente Archive conserves first editions of all Maruri’s poetry publications, from Las aves y los niños, which appeared in 1945, to Paseando con Sabine Mamou, published in 2002. Its holdings also include numerous works of visual art – drawings and collages, as well as oil and mixed-technique paintings – and diverse documentation from the poet and painter’s personal archive. Pieces include several sets of correspondence, all the articles he published in the press throughout his life, photographs and a complete set of catalogs of his exhibitions.