Legible / Visible. Between the Film Frame and the Page

6 Apr 2017 - 28 May 2017
Arts Santa Mònica, Barcelona
Curated by:
Mela Dávila

The exhibition "Legible – Visible. Between the Film Frame and the Page" aims to explore relationships among continuity, complementarity and dialectics that are established within artist publications and audio-visual works, two media that have seen periods of intense development in the creative context during the last century. The crossover between publications and audio-visual material has its roots in the 1920s when, in his reflections on the aesthetics of light in relation to moving images, László Moholy-Nagy redesigned the structure of cinematographic narration, while those in the field of graphic design radically re-evaluated the form and the function of text upon the page.

With more than twenty works of a dual nature —publication and film—, "Legible – Visible. Between the Film Frame and the Page" illustrates the interest of creators in interweaving and linking the printed page and the audio-visual document, overlapping them to the extent that they become almost fused into a single surface for creation. What happens when an artist "translates" certain content from a printed medium to an audio-visual format, or vice versa? What is changed, what is altered and what remains when this transposition of formats takes place? How do they complement or counter one another? This exhibition invites reflection on issues such as sequentiality, narrative, cinema, the passage of time, montage, representations of movement and, ultimately, the relationship between publications and audio-visual material, two of the most important media upon which the cultural and social landscape of our time is built.