The Avant-garde Applied (1890 – 1950)

30 Mar 2012 - 1 Jul 2012
Fundación Juan March, Madrid
Curated by:
Merril C. Berman, Richard Hollis, José María Lafuente, Maurizio Scudiero, Bruno Tonini

The Avant-garde Applied (1890-1950) presented over 700 works by 250 artists, typographers and graphic designers from almost 30 countries. The pieces exhibited included original designs, maquettes, preliminary studies, photomontages, posters, books and magazines, in addition to postcards and other small-scale elements from two private collections: that of the American, Merrill C. Berman, and the Lafuente Archive. Viewed as a whole, the exhibition made up a fascinating visual history which illustrated the impact of ideals on artists of the late 19th century and first half of the 20th. The results in applied arts were manifested, almost simultaneously, in a geographical setting as vast as it was interconnected, in such diverse sectors as political propaganda, advertising and mass media, architecture, graphic and interior design, exhibition design, theater, film and photography, among many others.