The Idea of Art

17 Jul 2014 - 14 Dec 2014
Museo de Arte Moderno y Contemporáneo de Santander y Cantabria (MAS), Santander
Curated by:
Javier Maderuelo, Maurizio Scudiero (Espacio MeBas)

The Idea of Art presents a selection of more than 500 items from the Archive, created by over 100 authors and including books, posters, hand-written documentation, photographs, paintings, sculpture, drawings and materials in many other formats. The selection will present visitors with a panorama of the diverse conceptual lines through which the rich bibliographic collection that is the Lafuente Archive has been assembled.

The works and documents are grouped together under 28 key words, or conceptual headings, which call to mind the “entries” in a conventional archive and which are employed as titles for the display units in the MAS. These key words are the following: archive, chance, biography, collage, mail (art), design, document, writing, experimentation, photography, photomontage, geometry, war, letter, book, manifesto, map, material, poetry, project, radical, magazine, revolution, society, utopia, journey, life, violence. The term “book”, also belonging to this list, has given rise to an especially broad development, which visitors can see in the museum’s Espacio MeBas.

Artists: Carl Andre, Daniel Buren, Hanne Darboven, Joseph Beuys, Le Corbusier, Gilbert & George, Mathias Goeritz, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Keith Haring, Isidore Isou, Sol LeWitt, Jules Olitski, Ulises Carrión, Felipe Ehrenberg, Carlos Ginzburg, Clemente Padín, Luis Pazos, Julio Plaza, Joaquín Torres-García, Edgardo Antonio Vigo, Horacio Zabala, Elena Asins, José Luis Castillejo, Cristina Iglesias, Concha Jerez, Pedro G. Romero, Eduardo Sanz, Isidoro Valcárcel Medina, Xesús Vázquez.