José Luis Castillejo y la escritura moderna

3 Aug 2018 - 2 Sep 2018
Palacete del Embarcadero, Santander
Curated by:
Archivo Lafuente, con las colaboraciones de Henar Rivière y Juan González de Riancho

José Luis Castillejo (Seville, 1930 - Houston, 2014) was an experimental writer or, as he preferred to think of himself, a modern writer. His oeuvre is essential for understanding the complex expanded field of contemporary writing and its connection with other artistic spheres such as painting.

Castillejo’s writing is exceptional, both as regards its intentions, means and results and as regards its reception. His objectives can be summed up in an attempt to arrive at comprehension and freedom, facing up to 'the most radical need of human beings: that of searching. The search for the meaning of reality'. His medium was writing understood as an independent art capable of transcending reality through its essential components: letters, books, ink, signs, etc. The result is a highly original oeuvre. Castillejo was the only exponent of his own school that was directly connected to the most cutting-edge trends in art and thinking of his times, and played a key role in the development of experimental writing in Spain.

As to its reception, Castillejo's oeuvre has always been valued in specialist circles and is surrounded by an almost mystical halo. But yet until now was practically unknown even for those who were familiar with his work. The number of books Castillejo published is very small compared to those that didn't see the light and which very few people had so far had occasion to read.

This exhibition is part of the first retrospective project dedicated to the artist. It surveys almost his entire trajectory from the beginning and emphasises his latest years, when, at the dawn of postmodernism, he decided to create a form of modern writing following in the footsteps of modern painting.