Modern Taste: Art Deco in Paris, 1910–1935

26 Mar 2015 - 28 Jun 2015
Fundación Juan March, Madrid
Curated by:
Manuel Fontán del Junco, Tim Benton, María Zozoya

The exhibition Modern Taste: Art Deco in Paris, 1910–1935 aims to offer visitors an opportunity to appreciate, examine, assess and enjoy an artistic movement that defies easy definition but which has been described as «the last of the total styles»: Art Deco. The exhibition aims to question the almost total absence of Art Deco from the history of modern art and from curatorial practice, and to vindicate—as some exemplary cases did in the wake of the Deco revival from the 1970s onwards—not only the evident beauty of Art Deco but also the fascination exerted by this singularly modern phenomenon with all its cultural and artistic complexity