Republic, civil war and exile


Geographic Area: Spain, Europe, Latin America, United States of America

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It is well known that the Spanish situation in the first half of the 20th century was marked by an exceptional calendar of historical events in relation to the rest of the continent, which brought about its disconnection from the rhythm of evolution of the European art currents. In relation to this specific feature, the period of the Republic and the Republican exile provide the central subject of another large collection by topics in the Lafuente Archive, a selection of whose materials was shown recently at the rooms devoted to the Spanish Republic Pavilion (1937) at the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, as part of the presentation of the section of its collection devoted to the thirties (2012-2013).

The documentary materials in this collection are very varied. Some bear witness to the Spanish art scene under the Republic, with outstanding groups which were very active and linked to the international scene, such as adlan, whose publications are to be found in the archive. When the Civil War broke out, among the notable denunciations published by the Republican side, or in its favour, are Spanish magazines such as Nueva cultura. Información crítica y orientación intelectual (Valencia, 1935-1937), but also numerous books and essays published abroad in favour of the Republican cause. The archive also conserves a prolific group of photomontages by John Heartfield, either published in leftwing magazines of the time such as Die Volks-Illustrierte or in series like Fremdenlegionäre fern vom Schuss, a set in which Heartfield made an acerbic criticism of the role of the international press in the Spanish conflict. The Cubist figuration albums by the illustrator and typographer Helios Gómez, such as the famous Días de ira, are also part of this group. From exile there are a large number of documents in the Lafuente Archive, whether books or complete series of magazines linked to the Republican diaspora, such as Nuestra España (Havana, 1939-1941) or *España peregrina *(Mexico City, 1940).


ADLAN - Helios Gómez - John Heartfield