The Lafuente Archive holds a significant collection of Surrealist materials, dating from 1925 to 1965, which present a journey, through books and catalogs, invitations, cards and posters, along the zigzagging route followed by this artistic current in its expansion throughout the length and breadth of several European and Latin-American countries. Of outstanding interest in the collection is the selection of materials relating to André Breton himself, which encompasses all the books he published as well as every magazine for which he was the impetus – La Révolution Surréaliste (1924-1929), Le Surréalisme au Service de la Révolution (1930-1933), Minotaure (1933-1939), among others — as well as abundant documentation produced by dissemination of the Surrealist exhibitions Breton organized in France and other countries, including Spain, Italy, Denmark, Mexico and England.

The main outlet for communication of Surrealist ideas and works in Spain was the Gaceta de arte, published by Eduardo Westerdahl in Tenerife between 1932 and 1936. The close bonds of friendship Westerdahl formed with numerous artists associated with Surrealism, together with his magazine and the countless exhibitions he organized, would lead to a huge amount of information relating to the movement reaching Spain.

Some years earlier, from 1920 to 1921, the first editions of Proverbe appeared in Paris. This was a monthly publication directed by Paul Éluard, at the time still linked to Dadaism but a close friend of André Breton’s, and more than interested in Surrealist esthetic positions; the magazine would present a detailed account of Éluard’s position during that period, midway between Dadaism and Surrealism. The complete series of these three journals can also be seen in the Archive, together with an ample collection of magazines of the day.

The Surrealism collection is complemented by materials relating to the Surrealist Eugenio Granell, a set formed in part thanks to the documentary fruit of the friendship that bound Agustín Lafuente – father of José María Lafuente – to the Galician artist. It includes all of Granell’s books, a selection of his work, correspondence between Granell and Agustín Lafuente and a wide variety of ephemeral material.


Andre Breton - Óscar Domínguez - Paul Éluard - Eugenio Granell - Maruja Mallo - Man Ray - Eduardo Westerdahl